Your wheels and tyres are the only part of your 4×4 that touch the road, which makes them an important safety and functional feature. Keeping your tyres and wheels in good shape is essential to the overall health of your vehicle. Damaged wheels may lead to expensive repairs down the road, and in some cases, they may pose safety risks. Keep these tips in mind when giving your rims a periodic checkup.

Warning Signs

Issues with rims are often easy to detect. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may hear a thudding noise when the vehicle is driven, or you may feel a vibration through the steering wheel and the tyres. If these cues are missed but there are problems with the car’s fuel economy and handling, look at the wheels. If there’s unusual tyre wear or a bent, dented, or broken rim, consider purchasing one of our 4X4 wheel and tyre packages.

Consequences of Wheel and Tyre Troubles

Not only can a damaged wheel cause your tyres to wear unevenly, it may make the car more difficult to handle and it may also reduce fuel economy. In the best case scenario, this means replacing your Michelin tyres Australia sooner than you’d expected. In the worst case scenario, you’re at risk for a potentially lethal tyre blowout. Reduce these risks or avoid them altogether by taking a proactive stance on rim maintenance. Visit our website to see the best selection of 4X4 mag wheels.

Your tyre shop or mechanic can typically repair a broken or bent rim. However, if there’s a major crack, or there’s damage to the lug holes, it may not be able to be saved. Check with your service provider before shopping their selection of 4X4 mag wheels and Nitto tyres for sale.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Wheels

Once you’ve gotten opinions from reliable wheel and tyre shops in your area, you should take the time to compare them to the price of a new set of wheels. Generally speaking, if it will cost more to fix a wheel than to buy a new one, it makes sense to replace it. However, if the cost of repairs is lower than the price of a new set, get it fixed. In most cases, repaired wheels are just as reliable and strong as new ones. However, if you decide on a new set, stop by our site to get the best deals on cheap rims.

The Cost of New Rims

It’s fairly simple to straighten a bent wheel, and in most parts of Australia, it costs less than $100. If your wheels need to be welded to repair the damage, or if they will require refinishing or repainting after the repairs are completed, the repair cost may be substantially higher per wheel. Some repairs require the removal of your tyres, which usually means additional labor charges. Furthermore, if the rims have to be replaced, expect the job to cost several hundred dollars, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

If you are having trouble with your vehicle’s wheels, be sure to consult several local wheel shops before committing to the repair process. Keep in mind that preventive maintenance is always the preferred route where your vehicle is concerned. Call or visit us to buy rims or see the widest selection of 4X4 accessories online.